This week is the beginning of a special event for Valerie Legras Atelier, we are very happy to announce we are launching a podcast to celebrate art, design and entrepreneurship!

Welcome to Textures!

Pushing open the doors of workshops, studios, ateliers, is like opening up a curtain to see behind the scenes at a theatre.

We are surrounded by beautiful spaces, objects, products, but what do we truly know about the creative minds and makers behind?

Generally, not much more than an Instagram account.

Who are these artist, master crafts, artisan, designers, architects, creators, innovators, builders?

Since 2007, When I moved from France to New Orleans and started my Interior design business, I kept running into an amazing artistic minds. I see that the creative community is far bigger of what I could have ever imagined. I wanted to learn more about the people who put all their soul, passion, spirit, and skills into their work.

Since creativity is not an island, it became obvious to me that I wanted to share and give credit to the people who add textures to our world.

This how TEXTURES Podcast was born. In each episode, I meet with creatives minds, discover their world, their work, and how they made it happen.