Meeting with clients on a daily basis I realize that it’s hard to see all the work that goes into a completed project.  Everyday we wake up and are flooded with images. We flip through content in a magazine or scroll through Instagram often not giving an image a second glance. What we don’t see is all the hard-work that went into the design, production, and finalization of an image. Here at VLA we believe it is important to give credit to the wonderful makers that add textures to our world. I am personally fascinated by art, artisans and the world of craftsmanship. I take any opportunity to bring to light the talent that makes our work possible. 


Image by Bocci


Image by Bocci


So much goes into the craft and images you see everyday. The success of any project comes from the collaboration of different trades. By publishing this short blog I invite you to get to know the makers that contribute to make beautiful spaces a reality.

The list is endless but just to name a few – E Kraemer is a fine metal and woodwork company based in New Orleans that creates hand crafted custom pieces.


E Kraemer is a fine metal and woodwork company based in New Orleans that creates hand crafted custom pieces.

Image by E – Kraemer in New Orleans


John Busch is owner and master artisan of Artisan Millshop based in New Orleans. Artisan Millshop is inspired by traditional woodworking methods and precision craftsmanship.


Image by Artisan Millshop


Ann Marie Auricchio is a decorative finish artist that has done everything from residential projects stage sets on Broadway. You can hear Ann Marie talk about her creative process on my podcast Textures.


Image by Ann Marie Auricchio – New Orleans based decorative finish artist


Jacqueline Marque is an editorial and commercial photographer based in New Orleans. Her specialty is capturing people and interiors.


Image of Jacqueline Marque staging a professional photoshoot


You can listen to Jacqueline talk about her process on our podcast Textures. Listen to several artisans talk about the process, how they got here and what they learned along the way.



Image by Jouffre


Charles Jouffre is a fine artisan perpetuating the fine tradition of the upholster profession. Curtains, cushions, bedspreads, reproduction armchairs and contemporary sofas all crafted by the best artisans. He is the inclination of the art of savior-faire in the world of excellence.


Image by Jouffre



Take a minute to look at the beautiful details all around you and give credit to the artisans who add their own texture to the world. And if you want to learn more about creative minds and their process listen to my podcast Textures.