It is amazing to realize how much color blocking is showing up across different industries- fashion, graphic design, interior design, architecture, to product design to art and mixed medias. These colors mix to form happy combinations, which is definitely a mood lifter! This exploration of color opens up new areas in small spaces or gives warmth to large ones.  When I consider color, I think like an artist. I choose colors that will influence a feeling, create a story, or ask a question. Color influences a design in a simple but impactful way. I believe it is important to follow your gut and be bold. The environment you surround yourself with influences your well-being.  Why not think of your space as a big white canvas?  Tell me, how are you using color in your life?

How does color make you feel? This door hardware from Bonnemazou-Cambus creates an impact.

This Dreamy landscape artwork is by Sebastien Bouvier.

This desk by Bannach combines minimalism and color to create a new perspective.

Taking a hand bag to the next level. Playful color creates a statement in this accessory by LRNCE.

Yves Saint Laurent created this impactful dress when he was inspired by the work of Piet Mondrian.

Annie Morris sculpture is colorful and insightful. Her colorful work represents strength and focuses on hopefulness in the vibrancy of life.

This bold dining room designed by Valerie Legras Atelier, features a custom dining table, and a playful use of color.

The color block design by Liz Kamarul,is a clever use of paint and bold color blocking to add happiness to kitchen storage.

Make a statement! Opposing colors create a harmonious effect in this french wall covering.

Textile Landscape! This rug uses geometric elements and color to create an illusion of depth.

Spanish architect and designer, Patricia Urquiola, designs these chic and colorful rugs.

These Italian hand-made vases are reminiscent of religious architecture in an earthy color pallet.

Using color creates a 3-D mural from the repetition in this long corridor.

This courtyard color combination adds to the dimension of the pool.

This french interior showcases the dimension color adds to a small space.

Emphasis with color. The use of color leads your eye into the space and creates a bold statement.

Found at Pied Nu NOLA, these nail colors are curated for the hands of those who choose color to create a specific mood.