Interior design can enforce and strengthen your company's brand.

Our inspiration always starts with YOU. Who YOU are. What YOU do. How you do it. Whether you are opening, renovating, relocating or expanding your business - we can help bring your space to the next level.

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DTb restaurant

We wanted to recreate the diversity of the bayou in this space. The word bayou is thought by most as muddled water...



We created an open office space with an at-home atmosphere in this traditional New Orleans shotgun style home...


Grace Yoga + Pilates

This yoga and pilates studio combines the natural elegance of materials with a warm, minimalist, and pure aesthetic...



Earth tones, raw materials and organic vibes for this contemporary New Orleans Mexican restaurant


Pilates and Yoga Loft

Recycled and raw materials emanates the strength of pilates and yoga. This space is filled with natural light...



PROGRAMMING: We will begin by meeting with your team to investigate and explore your business’ plan, goals, and vision.  Whether you are opening, renovating, relocating or expanding your business, we will discuss items such as your company’s culture, brand, operations, target market, and budget.

SCHEMATIC DESIGN: Our team will then begin creating a layout for your space. We will ensure your space’s new layout considers functionality, safety, accessibility, building codes, regulations, and traffic flow.  Our design plan will include existing and proposed site drawings, an inventory of existing fixtures, finishes, and equipment to be reused, if applicable, and a review of building codes and regulations.  We also will develop a design board so you can clearly envision the space.

DESIGN DEVELOPMENT: Next we will hone the details of our design, including preparing drawings for custom pieces and developing 3D renderings.

ENGINEER & ARCHITECT CONSULTATION (IF NEEDED): In order to provide the technical documents to execute the design plan, we will coordinate with various project consultants including structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers as well as architects. These consultants will provide the construction documents which typically consist of drawings and specifications including floor plans, lighting and electrical plans, elevations, details/sections, finish specifications and all materials needed to apply for a building permit.

CONTRACTOR CONSULTATION: We have established relationships with a variety of General Contractors who can work on your project. We can select contractors who will best fit your project’s goals in terms of timing, quality, and scheduling. During this step, you will receive estimates to complete your project from three contractors at which point you can select who to work with. We will act as the mediator between you and the contractor during the bidding process and during implementation of the project.

MATERIAL & FURNITURE SELECTION: Once we have finalized the design plan and construction plans and you have approved them, we will use our list of high quality and carefully selected manufacturers to begin sourcing materials and items for your space that work within your timeline, budget, and design style. Items and materials include but are not limited to, paint colors, tile, flooring, furniture, hardware, lighting fixtures, textiles, and window treatments. 

PROCUREMENT: Once you have approved the materials and items for your space, we will begin the procurement process. We will regularly update you on the status of the materials and items and promptly inform you if there are any delays or changes.

RECEIPT OF ORDERS: This is where all items we ordered are received at our warehouse, inspected for damages, tagged and stored for the big installation day. We ensure that all items are delivered to our climate controlled warehouse and then delivered to you all at once instead of several different deliveries.

INSTALLATION: This is the big step when items are installed and styled for a beautiful and inspiring finish. Installation is typically done in one day.  We prefer to install on one day instead of several different deliveries arriving onsite, however, some custom items like window treatments will be installed prior to the big day.

FINAL WALK-THROUGH: Although we strive for perfection, mistakes can happen. The final walk through is where the client gets a chance to point out any deficiencies observed - items like a small splash of paint on the floor, a missing dresser knob, a small rip on a pillow etc. In other words, items that could have easily been missed during the exciting moment of installation.

RESOLVING DEFICIENCIES:  We coordinate with the trade person, subcontractor, or vendor involved to cure any deficiencies. Thankfully, this step is not needed in most cases, but we make sure that you will be happy with your finished space.

PHOTOGRAPHY: After the completion of a project, we will schedule a photographer to come by your space to take photos for your and our website, social media and/or blog. 

As-built drawings that reflect your finished space

  • 3D renderings of your project

  • Inventory of existing furniture and equipment

  • Project styling