Good Design is Good Business

The first goal in setting up the new store was a simple one: induce desire, more and more. A pleasure for the senses: to look, smell, and above all, to taste.
— Erwin De Muer

Yes, I know that hiring a designer when starting or revamping a business is an investment, but let's chat about why that investment is worth it for your business' success and goals. Great design inspires a consumer’s desire, and don’t we all want to inspire our consumers? 

We know that social media and branding are vital for reaching potential customers and business partners - they help boost your business’ visibility and allow you to showcase your brand - but what about when the customer actually steps through the door? It only takes a few seconds for the customer to make his or her first impression.


A good interior design will not only help your business look aesthetically pleasing, it will help you stand out from other businesses that do the same thing. For example, everyone comes to New Orleans (where we're located) for the food experience, so there is  a lot of pressure in the restaurant industry to not only serve great food but also offer a great experience. 

The truth with good design is, even if your customer does not understand design, your space will leave an impression on them - either positive or negative. Let’s face it, we are visual people and when we see something we like, we stop and take a longer look. 

Valerie Legras