ATELIER / ˌadlˈyā / noun: a workshop or studio of an artist or designer. 

Valerie Legras Atelier is a full-service interior design firm that specializes in residential and commercial design as well as historic and contemporary renovations. We approach each and every project with a holistic vision, from the sketch to the ultimate product.

We bring a multicultural, thorough, and adventurous approach to every space we transform. We encourage our clients to be bold and we enjoy creating unconventional yet functional designs for all types of projects. Our work is ultimately about helping clients redefine their own space by creating inspiring and liveable spaces with a strong focus on environmental psychology.

Let us help you reinvent the way you create your space!



Valerie Legras is a native of Epernay, France. She attained her Masters Degree in Interior and Product Design from Ecole Camondo in Paris, France where she lived and worked as a young adult. She has formally acquired different means of expression, not only in interior design, but also in excellence of culinary arts training from the Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon, France.

Family life brought her to New Orleans, Louisiana where she further realized her passion for the redesign and renovation of commercial, public, and residential spaces.

Valerie has had a unique career trajectory which has afforded her diverse experiences in both creative and technical fields including design and construction, culinary arts, and photography. All of these creative skills are linked to her rigorous commitment to research into any creative challenge, and blended, with her aesthetic vision and her passion for metamorphoses.

Valerie brings a multicultural, thorough, and adventurous approach to every space she transforms. She combines her extensive experience both in Europe and in the US, to carve a name and signature style in the industry.